MRBP Documents

List of MRBP Funded Research Projects 2009-Present

Rapid Response

MRBP Model Rapid Response Plan

Rapid Response Protocols for Aquatic Invasive Fish

A National Early Detection Rapid Response for Invasive Plants

Hydrilla verticallata Early Detection Rapid Response Plan

Control and Management

Guidelines for Developing Commercial Harvest Policy for Aquatic Invasive Species

Lake Service Provider Training Manual

The Silver and Bighead Carp Field Sampling Workshop: The MRBP-funded recordings of the silver and bighead carp field sampling workshop that was a part of the 2019 MRBP coordination meeting at Lake Barkley State Park in Kentucky are now available! Wisconsin Sea Grant has promoted these recordings with a short release about the video. There have also been some publications that have been released since the workshop: USFWS Columbia Paupier & Dozer Trawl; Hammen_et_al-2019; Ridgway-et-al.-2020